28 Nov

Kelowna Spotlight: The Golf Life

I enjoy now doing what I do… playing golf, relaxing a little, enjoying life. – Yogi Berra

Although you may not believe this, we’re not always working.

I know this might come as somewhat of a shock, given our unparalleled customer service and quick turnaround times; but honestly, with so much beauty all around us, can you blame us for taking time out to enjoy all that our area has to offer?

When we’re not in the office, we may be found wandering one of Kelowna’s scenic hiking trails, sampling the delightful offerings of local wineries, or picnicking along Lake Okanagan. Weather permitting, of course. This is Canada, after all. Depending on the season, we’re just as likely to be cross-country skiing or snowshoeing as we are anything else.

But when the skies are blue and the weather’s fine, locals and visitors alike grab their clubs and head out to the links. In this respect, Kelowna is a golf-lover’s dream, since its relatively sunny climate offers golfing opportunities long after other areas have closed their courses.

But Kelowna’s sunlit hours are not the only draw:

Averaging over 2,000 hours of sun every year, Kelowna offers one of the longest, driest golf seasons in Canada. With courses that range from easy-going to ego-shattering, there is something in Kelowna for every skill level. Mild weather, stunning scenery and 20 exceptional courses make Kelowna a must-play destination on every golf enthusiast’s list! (Golf Kelowna)

Whether you’re an avid golfer (or are just married to one!), you’ll find that Kelowna has a course suited to meet your needs, along with stunning views and smooth local wines to act as balm in the case of shattered self-esteems or bruised egos.

As longtime residents of Kelowna, we couldn’t be prouder of the many fine local businesses partnering with us to provide services, activities, attractions, entertainments, and special events that we can all be pleased to call our own.

Whether you’re a local neighbor or a faraway friend, we’re happy that our work in the Kelowna web design industry has brought us closer together.

If you have any questions regarding our services – or if you’d simply like to challenge any of our staff to a game of golf! – please feel free to contact us.

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