08 Nov

Kelowna Spotlight: Destination vs. Journey

As a mountain biker, I love taking advantage of our local trails. I love the wind in my face, the scent of pine, the sweeping views, and the quick downhill runs.

Simply put, I love the challenge of the trail. 

Yes, cycling can be a simple mode of transportation: a quick, energy-efficient method of moving from Point A to Point B. But mountain biking takes the activity to a whole new level, transforming the act from a simple method of transportation to a physically taxing and mentally invigorating challenge. And I love it!

What I really love about mountain biking is that it shares an affinity for what we want to do here at Cutting Edge. Instead of just seeing our time working with you as a simple process of moving you from Point A to Point B – say, as a small business without a web presence to a business with a web presence – we ask instead that you invite us along with you on your journey. As we ride the trails, climb the slopes, and take the downhill runs together, we realize that what we’re working toward is more than just an end product: it’s about building a professional relationship that will enrich us both.

Make no mistake: we will also get you to your destination. Whatever your needs are, from a content management system to video marketing to increased SEO, we promise that we will get you there. But unlike other firms, we don’t just see our job as getting you from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. Our vision is to help you on your journey, sharing the challenges and the thrills along the way.

As both the global and the Kelowna web design industries grow, we hope to accompany more and more of you on your journey. If we can offer any help along the trail, please feel free to contact us.

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