20 Dec

Custom Web Design: Letting Your Site Respond to the Environment

We’ve entered the long dark of winter.

Whether you are the type of person who looks forward to winter sports or the type who prefers to view the snow through the front window from the couch — where you’ve curled up with a good book — there are certain aspects of the season that you just can’t avoid. At the very least, you must bring down the bins of winter clothes, stockpile hot chocolate, top off your antifreeze, and locate your ice scraper — lest you are forced to suffer the humiliation being spotted scraping ice off your windshield with a broken CD case again.

If things at your house are anything like mine, then winter is also the time to revisit the question of where to set the thermostat. Thanks to the advent of central heating, though, once the thermostat is set at the agreed-upon temperature, we are able to sit back and enjoy regulated heat throughout the house without constant work on our part to maintain it.

Just as central heating takes the hassle out of regulating comfort within the home, custom responsive web design takes the hassle out of ensuring a smooth and pleasant visit to your website, no matter what type of device your clients and prospective customers use to access it.

More than just a way to re-size images and adjust resolutions to suit a variety of devices, responsive web design is a whole new way of looking at flexible layout, allowing for greater creativity.

With smart phones more prevalent than ever and tablet sales expected to exceed 100 million this year, tech blog Mashable labeled 2013 “the Year of Responsive Web Design.”

Not to incite panic, but 2013 is almost over. If you haven’t yet made the shift, the time is ripe.

Need help? Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working together with you to ensure that in 2014, your website puts its best foot forward.

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