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31 May

Create the Perfect First Impression Using Web Design Services

As much as we would love to think that people always follow the motto of “don’t judge a book by its cover” we all know that we are guilty of it ourselves so we have to assume that any customer clicking onto our websites for the first time are, in fact, judging our book by […]

23 May

Why You Need a Custom WordPress Website

The last time you wanted to find out something really important, like “where is Kyrgystan” or “how to make homemade yogurt”, where did you turn?  Chances are that you looked it up on the web.  And it’s also likely that you use the Internet regularly to search for products and services and compare prices. Well, […]

11 Feb

Our Service Policy

Delivering excellent customer service, high quality web design on time and on budget, are what we always strive to do! This requires a balancing act which is why we loved this service policy that we came across…

19 Oct

Office Dogs

We have two office dogs that “work” with us everyday so we thought it was only fair to give them some attention on our site! The little guy is Charlie, he likes to wear sweater vests, share his opinions loudly and prefers to spend his days chasing Odie. The big guy is Odie, he likes […]

25 Jun

Video Services are now Here!

As a new and exciting way to promote businesses, we are happy to announce a new product has been added to our service mix – video production! The video production platform, available in the cloud will provide our clients with inexpensive video production services – from video concept to video completion.

25 Jun

Celebrate summer with a new website!

Kick off summer with some sizzling rewards! Work with Cutting Edge Concepts this month on a new website design project and receive a FREE $50 Amazon Gift card!

21 Apr

Why Use Cutting Edge Concepts For Your Website?

Anytime you’re doing sales, you’re often presented with the inevitable question of “why go with your company over someone else”? It’s a very legitimate and honest question. After all, there are a million and one web design companies out there. What makes us different? Well, first and foremost, we care about your company and its […]

15 Jan

Customer Service in the IT Industry

When dealing with any company, customer service is always an important concern. Issues and problems easily erupt from any dealings, and it is important that a company has to have ways of easily managing and addressing customer concerns. In the IT industry, this is not always the case.

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