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08 Nov

Kelowna Spotlight: Destination vs. Journey

As a mountain biker, I love taking advantage of our local trails. I love the wind in my face, the scent of pine, the sweeping views, and the quick downhill runs. Simply put, I love the challenge of the trail. 

01 Nov

Common Pitfalls of Web Development

Although few people would confuse time spent managing a website with time spent pumping iron at the gym, the process of building an online environment is actually somewhat akin to building muscle mass. After all, both activities require proper training, consistency, and care; and for both, there are naturally certain pitfalls to avoid.

24 Oct

Four Myths of Professional Web Development

How much misinformation surrounds professional web development? Based on feedback from our clients, there seems to be quite a bit. For many, an off-putting illusion of impossibility surrounds the whole concept, leading many who could benefit from such services to avoid seeking them out. Fortunately, we are here to demystify this concept. Along with providing […]

17 Oct

Inspiration through Perspiration

Contemplating the mysterious relationship between hard work and inspiration is nothing new. The idea that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration has long been attributed to Thomas Alva Edison, and although we may quibble regarding the exact statistics, there’s no denying the symbiotic relationship between inspiration and hard work.

11 Oct

Web Design Lessons from the Fashion World

This time of year, blogs and magazines light up with articles from the fashion police attempting to tell us who got an awards show outfit right and who got it very, very wrong. Glamour‘s recent recap of the Venice Film Festival highlighted winners, while the Huffington Post‘s recounting of the VMA’s focused only on more outlandish outfits.

03 Oct

Responsive Web Design: A Critical Consideration

We’ve all noticed the tech shift that’s taken place since we were children. Far from the rotary phones and massive computers of our youth are today’s pocket smart phones and tablet computers, holding more memory and capable of more functions than most of the tech devices we owned when we were younger – combined! With […]

26 Sep

The Unexpected Health Benefits of Custom Web Design Services

Although by now it’s become somewhat of a tired cliche, the phrase “Laughter is the best medicine” is in fact true. Laughter is a proven health booster: laughter relaxes the whole body laughter boosts the immune system laughter triggers the release of endorphins laughter protects the heart by increasing blood flow

12 Sep

Avoid These Common Web Development Mistakes

A new website is not only a great opportunity to connect with potential customers but it also offers a different medium for advertising your goods and services. If you decide to to create this necessary marketing tool on your own, be sure to avoid these common web development mistakes.

06 Sep

Let Your Personality Shine through Custom Web Design Services

Whether it’s a blind date, the first day of class, meeting the potential in-laws, or taking a plate of cookies next door to new neighbors, first encounters can feel grueling. Although intellectually we’re aware that we potentially have years in which to get to know these people, we’re also aware that since first impressions go […]

01 Sep

Prevent the “Stale Factor” with Web Development

Most of us think of food as going stale only over long periods of time. Take bread for example. Given the general tendency of Americans to buy bagged, pre-sliced bread that’s been sitting on the shelves rather than same-day freshly-baked bread, we tend to think of bread as going stale over a period of many […]

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