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21 Jun

Custom Web Design is Imperative to Looking Professional

When potential customers look for a certain type of business, chances are they head straight to the World Wide Web. While in the past perhaps other methods were used to seek out a business, typically a customer will look online. This is because they can not only see the product or type of service, they […]

06 Jun

Innovative Web Development Keeps Customers Coming Back

Have you ever walked into a store that you knew had exactly the item you wanted, but then the music was loud, the shelves and display tables were spilling over with items, and the sales clerk was way in a back corner on the phone? You could not possibly find the item you want without […]

31 May

Create the Perfect First Impression Using Web Design Services

As much as we would love to think that people always follow the motto of “don’t judge a book by its cover” we all know that we are guilty of it ourselves so we have to assume that any customer clicking onto our websites for the first time are, in fact, judging our book by […]

23 May

Why You Need a Custom WordPress Website

The last time you wanted to find out something really important, like “where is Kyrgystan” or “how to make homemade yogurt”, where did you turn?  Chances are that you looked it up on the web.  And it’s also likely that you use the Internet regularly to search for products and services and compare prices. Well, […]

16 May

Custom Web Design and Branding

Branding is an important concept in marketing your products and services. Branding is what sets you apart from others, draws people to you, and then motivates them to stick with you. It makes you credible, memorable, and impactful. Custom Web Design is a big part of branding–not just for your online presence, but for your organization as […]

21 Dec


I came across this article today and I completely agree – I think many companies find it very cost prohibitive to have to develop multiple native applications to fit various platforms. Now with the popularization of the Windows phone and the reemergence of Blackberry’s OS, four different apps will be required. By using a cross platform compatible technology […]

15 Jul

5 Reasons Why Pinterest Drives Traffic To WordPress Sites

If you are looking to get your WordPress site ready for Summertime, Pinterest, and other similar social media networks, are user friendly and great for giving your site a fresher look. Whether you are researching new marketing techniques or you are launching a new business website, social networking deserves your attention.

25 Jun

Video Services are now Here!

As a new and exciting way to promote businesses, we are happy to announce a new product has been added to our service mix – video production! The video production platform, available in the cloud will provide our clients with inexpensive video production services – from video concept to video completion.

30 May

Top 5 Reasons to have a Custom Designed Website

A company’s web presence is absolutely necessary to succeeding in their target market, as internet-derived business becomes a larger part of a company’s earnings. Because of this, a well-designed website is incredibly important to attract new customers and to keep old ones, as customers will frequently judge a business based on its website. At Cutting […]

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