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Founded in 2002 by a team of design and development enthusiasts, we’re passionate about creating professional websites that create lasting impressions. We serve clients all around the world in 12 countries on 3 continents. We’re a fun group and seek out working with fun and energetic clients that truly understand the value of design and how that translates to building a great business.

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jamie-portrait-250pxI’ll be the first to admit that I’m that guy… the one that loves the latest gadgets and can spend hours at the local electronics store drooling over everything in sight. I’ve been fascinated with computers since the days of the Commodore 64! So it’s no surprise that I ended up making my living in this industry. I get to combine my years of customer service experience with my love of technology… it also doesn’t hurt that I get to work with my gorgeous wife everyday (she may or may not have written that part in for me).

My primary role at CEC is to oversee our projects throughout their entire life-cycle; from my initial strategy meetings with clients to the project wrap up. I also work directly with our top-notch programming team and poke my head in on the design department from time to time. We’ve managed to assemble a fantastic team and together we create sites that we are proud of and that our clients love. It doesn’t get much better than that! When I’m not working I can usually be found in the mountains hiking or backpacking, or in the Dojang practicing Tae Kwon Do. I also love taking photos (visit my photography website) as well as cooking!


Kia-BioPic250pxEven though my title is Creative Director at Cutting Edge Concepts, I do a little bit of everything! Mainly I oversee the design department and work with my wonder twin Susan! When we design together it’s fun, easy and often requires very few words because we just “know” what the other person is thinking! So you can rest assured that your site design will be the result of us activating our wonder twin power and if you meet us in life don’t be fooled by our different hair color… I promise we’re twins! Other times I’m out on power business walks with Jamie, we find we have our best ideas while we’re walking and talking and cleaning up after our dogs (that last part isn’t necessarily inspiring). It’s fantastic to have a business partner that I admire, respect and who massages my feet!

I’ve had a love affair with computers since grade one when my dad brought home a Texas Instrument. I was unbeatable at Space Invaders and programmed my first project – a dancing robot on my screen – he was so cute! I love to strategize, make lists and keep our projects moving along smoothly. I’m also our social media geek so if you have any questions about Facebook or Twitter I’m the one to chat with… oh and when I say chat, I’m mean email me, I’m not phone person! I am one lucky woman to get to work with Jamie, Susan and our team of brilliant programmers… the only thing that makes it even better is getting to create sites for awesome clients!


eddie-portrait-250pxI’m extremely passionate about web development. Creating clean, bug-free code is at the heart of what I love to do! It doesn’t matter if it’s a puzzle, building furniture or integrating a complex piece of code into an application, I love to solve things! I’ve been working with code since I was 17 years old and haven’t looked back since. Over the last 13 years I’ve developed a wide range of skills in a variety of programming technologies. I’m fluent in PHP, Java, SQL, HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript. I’ve worked with a number of different frameworks and libs including Symfony, Doctrine, jQuery and CakePHP. In fact, I love Linux so much that I converted my wife to a Linux user too!

Aside from web development, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful bride, brewing beer, running and playing my guitar. Of course, I’m always ready to support my favourite soccer team C.R. Flamengo!


susan-portrait-250pxCreative design and fostering client relationships are at the heart of what I do. With over 15 years of marketing, branding and creative consulting I’ve found that the most enjoyable part of my work is translating a client’s vision into a remarkable experience. Coming on board with Cutting Edge Concepts was a natural move as we share a common passion – to work with top-notch organizations and collaborate on dynamic projects. Every day begins and ends with fun, and all egos are left at the door because our synergy and collaborative spirited team inspire every idea.

Oftentimes in the workplace I’ve been called the team cheerleader, so you can be certain that spirit carries over to our client relationships. Since childhood, I’ve been the one on the sidelines with enthusiasm larger than life. All hands on deck, bring only your positive attitude and your desire to get inspired – because we’re ready to collaborate!

Some of the national and international organizations that I have worked with include: Lance, Muzak, LendingTree, Bank of America and Ernst & Young.

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